Monday, May 31, 2010

Simply Sidetracked as Usual!

Yes I am doing a bang up job of keeping myself on track here ladies and gents! Confession time right off the bat, nope didn’t get that homework done at ALL!!! Didn’t even find the book to start it……I know I am so bad. How am I going to actually write a novel if I can even keep myself moving to complete the tasks I ask of myself? Good question but I still have blind utter belief in the impossible.

Of course that could just be my own personal insanity talking or taking over again……shhhh I won’t tell if you promise not to!

Anyway instead of actually doing something productive towards my book I got caught up in another new project, I know why do I even do this to my loved ones. So any who….I started to work on my Family tree flowing from me out through all 4 grandparents and After being like an addict for 30 hours straight on (yes it’s called Hyper focus….gotta love ADHD), I actually made a very nice dent on my very impressive family tree. I have known since I was a little girl that yes my princess fantasies come from deep within my own psyche, due to that long forgotten Royal Irish blood that runs rampant through my crazy red headed brain! Now there seems to be a bit coming from a couple other countries too, sweet!!!!

But the best part is that my love of Ireland is playing out in my Heritage right before my eyes, I mean yes there are other nationalities taking up a corner of my cultural make-up, but it seems a majority of my heritage does in fact come from that beautiful Emerald Isle that I fell in love with at my Grandfathers knee as a child. He may have even been correct in the fact that there may be just a bit of Fairy blood in this girl… certainly seems to have come through to my darling daughter as well!

So in a roundabout way I may be off track for the book but it’s not terribly off track as *cough cough* anyone who knows me knows that the themes of Irish mythology, Fairies, and probably even the beautiful Island itself with come to play a part in my stories if not in my first book in a subsequent book to follow.

Okay, it’s late and now I need to go convince my Hubby it’s time for a trip back my ‘homeland’ again. I love being American but my heart is definitely Irish too!

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